Link list format

Questions to a respected author about indexing by a file containing a list of links for indexing.

  1. Should links be placed line by line, or on one line?

  2. Are prefixes http://, https:// required?

  3. Can individual indexing options be associated with each link?
    (i.e. is it possible to use the format that is displayed in the Scheduler table?)
    How will the indexing parameters related to the list file as a whole be perceived in this case?

  4. Is it supported to insert comments in the file, and how should they be formatted?

ha, respected author, it must be @Orbiter !

Yes, I know. This is Michael Christen.
But for some reason he did not yet consider it necessary to answer.

Yes, that’s a problem for longer time. Many questions, no response.

Я выяснил, отчасти благодаря хелпу, который пишет уважаемый okybaca, что в файл списка сайтов для индексации, комментарий вносится по правилам HTML:
между тегами <!-- и -->

К сожалению, я поторопился (((((
Как выяснилось, такие строчки вызывают в дальнейшем сбои Планировщика.

Вопрос остается открытым.

Sorry, I still haven’t learn russian yet.
English is not my mother tongue as well, but I try hard to be understood by other users of ‘modern latin’.

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