Yacy_v1.930 Windows and Linux builds

YaCy version: yacy_v1.930_202309032009_4a5820eb0
Java version:
Temurin Java is from https://adoptium.net/temurin/releases/?version=11 it is included with the download, not sure if that’s ok?

Tested on Windows 7 and 11.
Yacy for Windows

Minor issue: I have a problem hiding the command window after the start command is run in the batch file.

Tested on Ubuntu 18.04, 22.04 and Debian 12.
Requires ant to be installed in the system.
Yacy for Linux

Welcome any comments.

Great! Do you have sources for the Windows build process?

Yes I installed GIT and ANT. I cloned yacy and built it on Win 7, in similar way to Linux.
You need to configure the windows path and environment settings did it and yacy built ok but then you can’t run yacy on Linux anymore that’s why there is a Windows version and Linux version.

New Links While looking for solutions and options.

Windows Links

Yacy 1.930 no java 190.5 mb

Yacy 1.930 Windows includes java 11 356.1 mb

Yacy 1.930 Windows Dev_0000 1.1 GB

Linux Links

Yacy 1.930 Linux 101.5 mb

Yacy 1.930 Linux Dev_0000 1GB

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