YaCy for Java 1.8.0_25?

Please tell me which is the latest version of YaCy capable of working with Java 1.8.0_25 and where can I download this version of YaCy?

I have a few versions you are welcome to try.





yacyiso from github not sure if it works.

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Большое спасибо за Ваш ответ!

yacy_1.924-9000.zip 671M
Архив так велик потому, что в него включены дистрибутивы Java11 для x86 и x64 вдобавок к Yacy. Кроме того, включен и дистрибутив yacy_v1.924_20230529_9000.tar.gz, который занимает всего 75М :slight_smile: Именно его я проверял.
С Java 1.8.0_25 эта версия запускается исправно.

yacy_1.926-main.zip установить не удалось. Простой распаковкой с заменой файлов это не обновляется: остается запуск прежней версии. Я вроде бы слыхал, что надо что-то переименовывать в ручную, но не могу припомнить, что именно.
Напомните пожалуйста, как установить эту версию.

yacy_1.930 с Java 1.8.0_25 не работает.


Thank you so much for your reply!

yacy_1.924-9000.zip 671M
The archive is so large because it includes Java11 distributions for x86 and x64 in addition to Yacy. In addition, is also included the distribution kit yacy_v1.924_20230529_9000.tar.gz, which takes up only 75M :slight_smile: It was him I was checking.
With Java 1.8.0_25, this version runs properly.

yacy_1.926-main.zip could not be installed. By simply unpacking and replacing files, this is not updated: the launch of the previous version remains. I thought I heard that something was needed rename it manually, but I can’t remember what exactly.
Please remind me how to install this version.

yacy_1.930 does not work with Java 1.8.0_25.

Try unpacking it to a separate folder then run ant clean all in the folder.

Thanks for testing and the reply.

Then the launch does not happen at all.

Apparently, there is something missing in this ZIP. (In particular, it does not contain the author’s distribution kit …tar.gz)
Is there anywhere else to download the correct version 1.926?

I tried to build it and had an error so that is deleted now.

YaCy 1.926.zip Linux Developer (can build)

YaCy 1.926.exe Windows (need instructions not fully automatic)

Includes java 8 in download.

Run YaCy_Dev_1.926.exe to extract files then Setup.exe from the C:\Program Files (x86)\YaCy folder.

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Yes, I use Windows. But YaCy doesn’t interact with the OS, it interacts with Java.

So YaCy itself is the same for both Windows and Linux. Isn’t that right?

I already have Java 8 installed. Please do not include it in ZIP, because the size is very large, it is difficult to download.
YaCy itself will only take about 80Mb, and that’s all I need.

Ok that makes a difference, the source needs to be built first to run in windows, most of the time you use a Linux machine but it is possible but very difficult with windows.

The source code is the same only when you compile the code it will work on both.

Sorry for the extra file size that’s because its a developer edition.

I have 1.930 for windows with no java and its 190 Mb but not sure if that will work with java 8?

YaCy requires Java, first download and install Java (>= Java 11)

Is there a reason you can’t upgrade to Java 11?

Can you explain this further please?
After all, Java is an interpreter, so what kind of compilation is required?

Will not work. I already wrote about this above, I tested it.

Java 1.8.0_25 is the latest version that can work on Windows XP.

Please direct me to Java 1.8.0_25 download. I am running windows XP in Virtualbox to try also yacy?
So far I have found [jre1.8.0_31-x86.exe] (Download jre1.8.0_31-x86.exe (Java 8 Windows XP))

For example, you can download Java 1.8.0_25 here: https://www.blogdainformatica.com.br/download/java-jre-1-8-0_25/
I was working with the 32-bit version.
During installation, a warning is issued that a newer version of Windows is needed, nevertheless, further installation is successful and Java works without errors.

Your version 1.8.0_31-x86 is also installed correctly on XP, and apparently it will work.

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Please share the version of YaCy 1.926 who has it. In author’s composition ( .tar.gz).

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The last version in git before the migration stared was 376bcfd54c08d4408fd8258fe702e60a9ac9cf8f. So you can produce the last YaCy Version for Java 8 yourself with the following steps:

git clone https://github.com/yacy/yacy_search_server.git
cd yacy_search_server
git checkout 376bcfd54c08d4408fd8258fe702e60a9ac9cf8f
ant clean all

This actually fails if you are using a latest version of Java because it complains about an old Java API (which is true and sound), so you should have Java 8 installed to do that.

I also made a release file for that version which you can download here:


Thank you so much for kindly shared release 1.926!
I’ll try this.

I am currently working with the version above posted by roamn:

I would like to note that compared to 1.924, this version has significantly improved memory management. The memory is now not overflowing and is kept very firmly within the set limits.
The operation of the autocrawler has also noticeably improved.
But this version loads the processor significantly more, often up to 100%. (Although, for some reason, the processor load in the YaCy interface is always -1).