Where can I get the peer-list?

The YaCy documentation says:

A Principal is a Senior peer that uploaded an additional peer-list to a server. This list supports other peers to get in contact with the existing Yacy network to perform a global search. If you have the possibility to upload a file to an FTP server, you can become a Principal by uploading your peer-list.

Question: where can I get this peer-list or how to create it and how to connect it correctly so that the peer becomes the Principal one?

Don’t worry about the peer-list, your YaCy peer maintains it. What you want to do is the configuration of a upload location of the list and that is in this path of your interface: /Settings_p.html?page=seed

Once you configured a method to upload the list and an url where everyone can download the list, and also if your peer is already a senior peer, your peer becomes a principal peer.

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Thank you very much for your response!
Without it, it was not obvious from the YaCy interface, that my peer would create the list on its own.

I did the following.

  1. Submit the path in the local file system in File Location field:

  2. Select Upload Method: File
    URL: http://<myhostname:port>/yacy/seed.txt

after that: Submit in the Upload Method field.

Everything turned out right. The file <…>\htroot\yacy\seed.txt was created and the peer became the Principal one.

Currently the size of the seed.txt file is about 55 kb.

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Now I discovered that the link http://<myhostname:port>/yacy/seed.txt has disappeared and the peer has switched to “senior” status.
I restored the link manually, but is it really supposed to be so that it will spontaneously clears every 5 days?