What exactly is reconfigureYACY.sh doing?

What exactly is reconfigureYACY.sh doing?
is it resetng my cache?

I removed this script more than two years ago:

The purpose was to set a new admin password. That was required because YaCy was setting a random password itself right after first startup out of a security philosophy many years ago.

As a replacement to set the admin password, you can use the script bin/passwd.sh. However, the random password is also not set anymore:

  • from localhost you do not need a password at all
  • from other locations the default password for the account admin is yacy

If you are running a senior peer or a public peer, set a new password!

Please make a updated debian version

yacy:~# apt policy yacy
Installed: 1.924.10042
Candidate: 1.924.10042
Version table:
*** 1.924.10042 500
500 http://debian.yacy.net ./ Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

I not want to loose the cache.