Upgrade from v1.926 20230205

Hello there!

My instance is a little bit out of date running a version from last year. Since the instance has a rather larger index and I want to keep the downtime low. Is there is some sort of recommended upgrade path?

Currently running v1.926 on Java 8.

Does someone run the latest build from source in production?
Is the release from https://release.yacy.net/ recommended?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Joestr,
and welcome back!
release.yacy.net version is OK, it’s an automaticaly built github version and I use it without problems in production (it’s actually better in some aspects).

which version of solr does your yacy version have?
i know, there was a problem with upgrading while switching from one major solr version to another, one, but if you’re already on 8.X version of solr, you should be safe, I guess.

my usual workflow is to move the old yacy to yacy-old, expand new yacy into place, and just move DATA dir to the new version. i keep the same name of yacy directory, so the paths don’t change. if anything goes wrong, you can move the dirs back and start the previous version.

and thanks again for your patches, they were very useful!