Updating latest release to snapshot


I’m curious if there is any danger in updating latest release (1.92/9000) to the latest snapshot release provided by luccioman on github: https://github.com/luccioman/yacy_search_server/releases/

I’m curious if just unpacking tar.gz and moving around “DATA” directory will run fine or if there are some issues with for example Solr update I’ve seen in the changelog of prereleases.


After a bit of chat on https://gitter.im/yacy/yacy_search_server – it looks like such update should be fine. So I’ve gone ahead with update from latest 1.92/9000 release to the latest pre-release 1.921/9828 and it looks like everything is working fine.

Yes! Thats the way it is supposed to work!

Is it working?

Yes, it is. In fact pre-release is way much better than 1.92. Not only JS-enabled sorting of returned results, but also crawler is now more what I would expect it should be. – e.g. in the log I see crawling over different sites while on 1.92 there were a ton of the same hosts printed out which puts crawler into much higher danger of being banned by the target server.
So, my current data set of ~600GB seems to be handled fine so far and still slowly growing.

:smiley: @Lucid00 did great work!
We should do a main release…