OAI-PMH import issue

After importing from the list within Yacy, the search results are not able to open in the browser. They return the error

about:blank blocked

and they also appear to have multiple URL’s in one for some reason.

Is there a way to repair this or do we need to delete all 60 million entries and just search each site remotely?

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Hi George, and welcome!

For error reporting, it’s best to start a GitHub Issue.

Anyways, what url does yacy link to before showing about:blank?

What is the OAI-PMH source?

Some more information would help to debug the problem better.


OK, I restarted the crawl after changing the user case to search portal for own web pages and having copied the entire YaCy folder to a different drive and running from there.

I won’t be able to get full detail until the crawl finishes, perhaps next week sometime, but it appears that the HTML page reference for sites under one particular site is given as the catalogue number so for example http://105264/whatever as opposed to the real URL.

Local references as we used file://d:/ and so on, would not open as the browser sees it as local file system on the server and not the PC terminal the search page is accessed from.



I managed to extract these during a random search test.

Barriers to the development of small stock markets: A case study of Swaziland and Mozambique


. However, this objective is not always met, particularly in very small markets where there are barriers to efficient market operations. A case study of Swaziland and Mozambique illustrates that any potential gains to the

Fri, 01 Oct 2010 | Citations | Browse index

You can see above how the URL is formed so obviously won’t work.

We think it is to do with the data from bull state university as per below. The entries from here also do not exist, rather you have to copy and paste the name of the paper into their search box to get the results, but it may have come from another source.

Also, someone has included google play, apple store, cnbc, github subscriptions etc within one or more of the OAI list items available within YaCy these are having a very bad effect on search results and will need to cleaned when the index has finished. There is a complete of official OAI sources I found here


Hope this helps someone else also.



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