My seed is accessible via internet but my YaCy install claims it can't be dowlonded

I am new to YaCy. I installed it on docker on rhel 9 behind a nginx reverse proxy on a different machine Ubuntu 22.04lts in my local network. My seed is available and I upload it via scp. It uploads to my outbound facing server but it claims it is not available. I get the error:

SaveSeedList: Seed upload failed (IO error): Unable to download seed file ‘xxxxxx’. Client can’t execute:, timeout=10000, duration=0, concurrent=false, url=

What can be the problem?

Hi richard3781,

Are you able to SSH from the server which runs the scp command, into the destination server?

With something like:
ssh -vvvv YOUR-USER@
ssh -vvvv YOUR-USER@FQDN

“YOUR-USER” is the username of your user on the destination server.
“” is the IP address of the destination server.
“FQDN” is the full domain name of the destination server. For example