Installing Yacy on a VPS with Ubuntu 20.04 - change port

Hello everyone!
I am interested in installing YaCy on my server with Ubuntu 20.04 and providing the search engine available on the Internet with a domain name like

YaCy works on port 8090, but I want to change the port to another one.

I have two questions:

  1. Is it worthwhile to make the engine public on the Internet?
  2. Whether the previous answer is positive, how do I change the port from 8090 to another one?

I look forward to receiving a reply from you.

All the best

Check out this article:

yacy/yacy_search_server: Distributed Peer-to-Peer Web Search Engine and Intranet Search Appliance (

This is a simple port redirect from 8090 to 80.

You may also use apache as reverse proxy. This has some advantages, as you can use TLSv1.3, HTTP/2 and adjust SSL ciphers.

This is what I did on

Result on SSL Labs: SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

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Thank you very much.

I need some clarifications, please:

  • I use NGINX and have other services on ports 80 and 8090. Thus, I would use another port like - for example - 8077 with a reverse proxy in the NGINX conf file; I was wondering whether it is possible to change the port not from a command line (forward port 80 to 8090 with iptables), like you pointed out, but changing it in the config file (I see that /DATA/SETTINGS/yacy.conf has the value port=8090). Is it possible to change only that value? Then, I will set the nginx file conf with a proxy pass on the port I will choose.
  • The second aspect is related to the Admin section (I see on your instance), which is publicly accessible. Does it not interfere with the instance admin? Is it so, right?