Improving ranking for one-keyword official homepage matches

I’ve noticed that for most searches I’m making, I’m not seeing the official homepage of those things in the first five or more pages.

For example if I search for “Python” then is very far down the list. Same goes for VLC, Rust and other FOSS projects. (YaCy also doesn’t display anything as the page’s description, even though the page has a meta description set, which is a bit weird)

Is there a way to rank those homepages first, even if it’s just for my node?

i don’t know the solution, but, take a look at Search Portal Integration > Ranking and heuristics (or /RankingSolr_p.html). There you can set the boost and boost queries.

There is even some documentation: Definition of Ranking Rules.

Hope that could help.

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Did you find the solution?