How can I block other people's indexes from entering my local index?

How can I block other people’s indexes from entering my local index? When I search for something in my local index, all sorts of garbage starts coming to me, I don’t want someone else’s index. After deleting it appears again the next time I search. I only need YaCy for my list of sites not global. Thank you.

Hi Erikobox,
that’s probably DHT transfer, what you mean.
Upon search, your instance asks other peers in the network about the keywords you entered and the results are transfered to instance of yours by DHT transfer and stored as ‘RWI’.
You can switch-off accepting the external RWIs in First Steps > Use Case & Accounts > Network Configuration.
See FAQ: How do I search? and other entries, to understand how YaCy works.
Maybe you wanna to use Robinson mode, in your case.

found Robinson Mode at http://localhost:8090/ConfigNetwork_p.html

Thank you!

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