Finding specific URLs on indexed pages

I’m rather new to Yacy, but I’m wondering how hard would it be to find what pages link to a specific domain or URL? I’d like to search and detect certain malware IoCs.

Is there an easier way than figuring out how to use Solr manually?

Hi, Avamander, and welcome!

Maybe, it could be possible with some query operators:
inurl: only urls with the in the url
inlink: only urls with the within outbound links of the document
filetype: only urls with extension
site: only urls from host
author: only pages with as-author-anotated
tld: only pages from top-level-domains

YaCy doesn’t accept blank keyword, but you could use a * to match any keyword.

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and from that day on, 16:30, my node started to receive plenty of sequential * : * requests…

anyone experimenting? :wink:

Haven’t gotten around to making those searches.