Delete some URL's from index as block

Hi everyone!

I’m maintaining the index of my Yacy-peer and I wanna delete some URL’s from this index. How can I make it so that I don’t have to delete each URL individually? For example I wanna delete all’s. Thanks so much for your fast answers!

Hi Hendrik,

it’s pretty easy, go to Administration > Index Administration > Index Deletion and follow the FAQ entry on deletion. Note, that entries are actually deleted after restart of YaCy.

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Hi okybaca:

Thanks so much for your answer. But I’ve a problem. In my Index I try to delete all entries with the word ‘google’ (excluding entries of ‘youtube’). There are about 18600 entries with ‘google’ in my Index. But if I delete them and restart YaCy it still shows me about 18600 deletable entries. And I inserted the entry ‘google’ in my Blacklist. But it seems like it don’t works. So how I can delete all ‘google-entries’ from my Index and block them in my Blacklist?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Hi Hendrik,
I’m not 100% sure about when exactly yacy deletes the deleted entries. I suppose it’s some clean-up process. In my experience, they vanish after some time.
Exact mechanism is probably described somewhere in the source codes, try to start here: yacy_search_server/source/net/yacy/htroot/ at master · yacy/yacy_search_server · GitHub

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