Critical YaCy reviews

Just found these two yacy reviews:

They’re pretty critical (well… rightfuly), but also offering some solution and patches, on the other hand.

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Wow, good to see that somebody is actually strongly interested in YaCy.

Claims that the crawler is inpolite is absolutely incorrect. The crawler delay mentioned there is for the whole fetch process, not for each domain. I made an extensive amount of work to make sure that one host is not more that two times accessed per second. I just recently increased this to 4. That is also the reason that the crawler is so slow if only one host is in the queue.

The nonsense about randomness of search result is also very badly investigated. The first peer responding is not the one which injects all the search result. Instead, the search results are fetched from a pool of results in a one-in-100-milliseconds speed. The cited code does not show that. It does just show that the peer is injecting the results in the pool, not in the results.