Choosing the download folder and/or moving the yacy file

Hello, I just downloaded YaCy for linux. Upon my first sequence of running, everything worked perfect (Linux Mint 20.1). However, two preference issues I have:

  1. I don’t want the application to open into Firefox or “default browser”.
    I prefer to use Librewolf. I did manually open up the localhost page in a separate tab within Librewolf even when I closed Firefox. Pretty cool.
  2. I do not want the yacy file sitting in my Downloads folder permanently.
    I tried moving it to a created file in my Home directory. However, this split off a single file and left it in my Downloads directory called, “DATA”… After this, YaCy would run as normal ONLY if I kept that DATA file in the Downloads folder. I tried copying it as Root and adding it to the yacy directory in my preferred directory, but as soon as I deleted the DATA file from the Downloads directory, the application would open in the terminal, but not in either Firefox or Librewolf. I like my files where I like my files and there’s really no compromise on that. Why is the DATA (blob) file fixed to the Downloads directory?

I am merely a humble user and have exactly ZERO coding knowledge.

ad 2: just extract the yacy distribution package in the desired directory (e.g. ~/yacy/) and start from there. DATA is a subdirectory created on the first run. if you got older DATA directory, just move it to the new directory and start yacy.
did that help?

for point1: there is the property browserPopUpTrigger yacy_search_server/defaults/yacy.init at master · yacy/yacy_search_server · GitHub in the configuration file which you also find in DATA/SETTINGS. Set it to false.