0 PPM on my instance

I migrated my Yacy instance from my computer to VPS with OneDrive storage mounted using rclone, for Yacy files.
My instance do not crawl new documents (PPM stays at 0).
What is the reason for that? My Yacy instance: https://yacy.mble.dk


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Maciej Błędkowski

rcone is a full-file-sync process, afaik. That has probably “funny” effects as YaCy writes almost all files in Random-Access mode. That means it opens a file and reads/writes files at position xyz. Syncing that to a remote location will cause IO hell. I would recommend not to do that.

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@Orbiter is there any way to contact you? (I’m sad :frowning: )

what does the yacy logfile say?

I am aware that using rclone is not a great idea, but I challenged myself to create a Yacy instance in cloud entirely for free, and OneDrive offers free 5TB storage for developers. I set up almost 100 GB cache for rclone, so hopefully this will be alright. I removed my instance and set up everything from ground up, and now my PPM oscillates between 0-60, so I would consider it to be somewhat of a success. I am going to run this instance for a few days, and if everything is going to be ok, I would publish a blog post on how to set it up the way I did.