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I’ve been anticipating for some time that before much longer YaCy would likely go viral. There is so much dissatisfaction over mainstream internet platforms of late, people are actively seeking alternatives. (That is how and why I discovered YaCy not that long ago).

well… I changed the naming schema for pre-set names.

About the number of peers: well, I am running since some time (sometime this January) a buch of test-peers in a kubernetes cluster. But those should not appear here, they are currently only junior peers and they should just make a spike and not a ramp…

Maybe the installation notes … I enhanced them and added docker images for ARM / Raspberry Pi

Thanks very much for your work and for sharing it with us.

Hello everyone.

I have the pleasant task of informing you about the new version of (or The website consists of a Grafana dashboard through which you can access all the data. The database has been expanded with values ​​every hour since July 3rd.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact me. The easiest way to reach me is via Matrix in the public space:


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Great to see yacy-stats up again! Good job!

What I’d be really interested in, is a map of geographical distribution of peers. Maybe using geoip or time zones, language settings or mix. I’m curious about where is yacy deployed most.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I think that should be feasible since the API provides all the IP addresses. Gonna work on that!


I’ve made a lot of changes to the site over the past few days and also added a geo map. You can find the change history on the left side at the end of the text.

Oh, by the way, @Orbiter was kind enough to add a link to on Thank you!

Wow, that’s great! Thanks!
Nice to see, that distribution of hosts is covering almost all the world, didn’t know before.
Mentioned also on Mastodon.

Nice, thank you! :slight_smile:

The map is great!

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